Java Help help


The game does not load, what to do?

The most possible reason for this is that Java has been turned off in your browser. This often happens when the system and/or the browser is either reinstalled or upgraded to a newer version. Simply open the browser settings (Service-Settings-Advanced in IE) and check that Java is allowed. You may need to restart the browser to get the new settings to work.

Download JavaSome Java programs require the newest version of Java. This may not be supported by Java virtual machine v.1.1 that is used by Internet Explorer internally by default. For such programs you may need to download and install the newest Java from

All programs work normally with the internal Java machine of Internet Explorer.

Is Java safe?

Online Java programs - Applets - are performed by definition in the so-called sandbox: any program attempt to access resources of the local computer such as files, system and user data is immediately interrupted by the system. From this point of view, applets are much safer as any other active downloadable content like Java scripts (which are not the same as applets!), executables etc. Moreover, follows quite strict privacy policy that is valid for our applets too. Please see our privacy policy for more details.